Strategic Energy Roadmapping

 Answer to investors on key stakeholders on your long-term sustainability and ESG strategies with confidence.

We are clean energy experts helping clients align long-term corporate emissions reduction goals with science-based targets.


We help clients analyze corporate energy, water, and emissions, summarize existing footprints and resource intensities related to business operations.


See how energy, water, and emission intensities compare with similar organizations across your industry and geographical regions

Corporate Strategy Alignment

Identify long-term sustainability and ESG goals and objectives of the organization. Interview key staff. Develop a roadmap catered to the long-term goals of corporate leadership.

Identify Energy Conservation Opportunities

Analyze energy efficiency, conservation, and savings opportunities across client facilities.

Explore Renewable Generation Options

Explore the feasibility of distributed energy resources to achieve long-tern sustainability and ESG goals.

Roadmap Development

Outline recommended technological pathways including costs, potential barriers, and next steps.