Consulting Services

Baselining Analysis

With investors and stakeholders demanding corporate transparency around sustainability and ESG reporting, we help clients identify and inventory business risks associated with water, energy, and emissions.

Strategic Energy Roadmapping

Answer to investors on key stakeholders on your long-term environmental strategy with confidence. We help clients align long-term corporate emissions reduction goals with science-based targets.


Unsure of the technologies that can help you reach your energy and carbon reduction goals? We are clean energy experts helping clients develop technical solutions to reach their corporate sustainability and ESG goals.


Alex's technical proficiency in sustainable energy solutions is only superseded by his charisma and ability to connect with people. He has always stepped up to any challenge faced with a smile and a passion to utilize his skillsets and knowledge.
Alex's professionalism and technical knowledge are equally matched by his warmth and his humor. Alex was a favorite colleague of mine – he made the workplace better because of his dedication to living the organization's mission and providing our clients with the highest quality work. Through his natural leadership skills and enthusiasm, he inspired others to do the same.
Alex has always impressed me with his ability to inspire and empower others to action. His genuine belief in his colleagues and intention to bring out the best in others creates a culture of respect, positivity, and togetherness ultimately contributing to the sustainability of the organization. Alex’s vision to empower the organization’s best resources has positively impacted morale, performance, and alignment to mission.
Alex is a moral compass for sustainability. I had the pleasure of working with him for over 5 years and watched how he could build people’s enthusiasm for clean energy and sustainable principles both professionally and personally. Alex championed better ways of working on projects and solving problems by pushing beyond the boundaries of what a ‘typical engineer’ brings to the table.
Alex is an effective engineering communicator. His technical experience working on state and federal energy and technology programs helps inform his work of educating businesses on sustainability. His steady and welcoming manner makes him a natural for workforce education.